Yonex Voltric 3 Badminton Racket Review

Yonex is one of the most famous companies for the manufacture of sporting equipment, little wonder that the Yonex voltric 3 badminton racket is ranked tops. As with any other product, the brand of any given item is a crucial consideration. If you are shopping for equipment to use in badminton, there is no better option to settle for than the Yonex range of quality products. The fact that there are numerous products means that there is the option of settling for a product that is as close as possible to the specifications at hand. This article seeks to provide insight to help you make a wise purchase.

The YonexVoltric 3 badminton racket, abbreviated the VT3 was launched in the market to provide a replacement for the YonexArmortec badminton racket. The latter is abbreviated as the AT30, and had a number of characteristics that are worth having a look at. Just like its predecessor, the VT3 racket has a heavy head but one which is balanced with the rest of the racket. There are subtle differences however, between the VT3 and the AT30 Yonex badminton racket models. The core difference between the two revolves around the use of the additional Voltric Tri-voltage technology with the sole purpose of making the racket easier to handle.

This technology will be discussed in deeper context in the next paragraph. Ideally, the additional weight at the top part of the racket is designed to ensure that there is additional power, yet this presents challenges in the way a player is able to control the racket when playing. In contrast, when the weight is reduced, the result is that a player is able to handle the racket well, but experiences significant decrease in power. It is this feature that provides a foundation for improvements in the V3 model. Yonex provides a solution for this by introducing the Tri-voltage system.


The Tri-voltage technology used in the Yonex V3 badminton racket

  • Voltric is designed to provide power for the badminton player. The racket is manufactured in such a way that it is very stiff at the upper part of the frame. This allows the head to be maneuvered in a regulated manner. It also keeps the shuttles in place when they make contact with the string bed for an elongated period of time. The slim sides of the frame then make it possible for the frame to undergo flexion. More energy is, in turn, transferred to the shuttlecock. There is certainly no better way to play badminton than with this racket.
  • The Voltric design is made to provide unparalleled levels of agility. This is achieved by way of creating and maintaining the delicate balance between the top of the frame with the joint area. It facilitates for proper handling yet ensures that the player retains the power required. The thin sides that characterize the sides of the frame, alongside the sides of the head work to decrease the amount of air resistance, consequently improving how the player handles the racket during the game. What’s more, players are able to take a full swing even within games with short range rallies.
  • The Voltric design is almost synonymous with great sounding. This is yet another innovation that is unique to the Yonex brand. This technology makes use of a sound filter. Simply put, the materials to allow for this are placed at two distinct positions, at the 10 o’clock position as well as at the two o’clock position. The result is that high pitched noises are greatly reduced with the production of louder noises. This gives you an upper hand over your opponents, and is a good place to start your win from. It is this aggressiveness that makes it a favorite for many badminton players, both aspiring and professional.

    Yonex Voltric 3 Reviews

    It helps to go through customer reviews for the simple reason that getting these reviews give an insight into what one should expect from the products. While this is, in no way, a blue print for the client’s expectations, it does make sense to have an inkling of the kind of product that you are getting. Reviews will usually be presented by individuals who have purchased the product. The review below is obtained from Amazon, one of the most famous commercial sites.

    J. Giddings got his YonexVoltric 3 badminton racket from amazon, and has nothing but praise for this brand. Having used a different model previously, the V3 racket presented a breath of fresh air. Looking for a racket with great performance proved tricky, and this is one of the reasons why he opted for the Yonex brand. He describes it as a fairly long racket with great tension. This makes it ideal for energetic smashes within a short course.


    It also works exceptionally well in long courses. In his words, John has this to say about the racket,’’… I’ve played with this one 3 times now and have been impressed. It’s a long racket with good tension which is good for smashes and great for hitting long…’’ interestingly, he does make mention that one may need to get used to the racket as it feels more stable. John vouches for this racket as far as reliability is concerned. He also recommends its use for those who engage in doubles during their games. He makes a conclusion that delivery from outlets that stock Yonex products is admirable. Its affordability plus its performance makes it a plus for badminton players.



    Choosing the Yonex Vortex 3 racket is a no brainer, this is the ideal gift for anyone looking to improve their badminton skills. Its features make it a perfect option, whether you are just starting out or have set a trend for your playing style. Since the racket is pre-strung by the manufacturer, you might want to ensure that the racket is in great condition in case you need to make changes. Check the warranty of the same.


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