The Yonex MP7 Badminton Racket Review


The Yonex MP7 Badminton racket is manufactured under the brand name Yonex, and is certainly one of the best brands available globally. Yonex is a company located in Japan and which majors in the manufacture of sporting equipment for, among many others, badminton equipment. Whether you are looking at offers for sponsorship, or are keen on various tournaments that are present, Yonex is the company to go to. Driven by technology, this company constantly seeks to create products which make use of efficient designs as well as effective materials in order to enable players improve their games.

To understand why this brand is one of the most loved, you would have to look at some of the characteristics of the rackets. The Yonex MP7 badminton racket ensures that the player creates sharp shots with great repulsive power. The use of the initials MP7 denotes ‘Muscle Power’, a term that makes reference to the construction of the racket. The basis of this is the knowledge that the muscle power is able to identify the string on the archways that are rounded. This has the benefit of getting rid of the stress load that arises from frictional forces on contact. The result of this is that the frame of the racket and the string work cohesively by way of closer contact. Consequently, this close contact between the two facilitates for the transfer of energy in its entirety, therefore eliminating the loss of power on impact as is the case with many traditional badminton rackets. This technology sets the difference in performance between the Yonex MP7 badminton racket and other badminton rackets.

This racket is characterized by an isometric head, giving it a unique appearance. An isometric head is one whose head has been strengthened so that the angle at the joint and the muscle length do not change much during contraction. Its purpose is to create allow for the equalization of the major strings as well as the cross strings with the resultant effect of providing a larger area for a more accurate shot. This also works well for shots that are off the center. It has been shown that the shaping of an isometric head improves the hitting area by as much as 32%. Following these results, players must know that it is a key determinant in the performance of the racket, and allows the player to experience the power of the same. The racket also has medium flex, and its shaft is constructed from graphite. Graphite consists of carbon so the racket is a durable product. Its frame on the other hand, is designed from aluminum, making it a lightweight yet long-lasting product.

The Yonex MP7 badminton racket weighs just about 90 to 94 grams, with its grip size denoted G4. When purchasing the racket. The code to be used in its identification is MP7. The fact that the racket is available in several colors means that users have various options at hand. The Muscle Power feature aforementioned provides an integration of the frame and string like no other. This is certainly a plus for players who want to have fast movement with minimal power and yet experience the ease of the same.

The Yonex MP7 Reviews

Penname is a user who is grateful for the availability of the Yonex MP7 badminton racket in different colors. As aforementioned, this badminton racket is available in several different colors. These colors include black, silver and red and are a great way to add some sense of style to your sporting gear. This user says, ‘’ Received my Yonex on time and it plays very well…’’. He also does suggest to users who don’t quite get the color that they want to see whether there is the option of having an exchange at the point of purchase. If this is not viable, then one could always take up matching accessories such as shuttlecocks.

C. D. Bradshow purchased the Yonex MP7 badminton racket from Amazon, and is a satisfied client because the racket has lasted upwards of 2 decades.  It is certainly a brand that can be trusted. Add this to the fact that it presents affordable options and it is not hard to see why this is a preferred brand. In his words, Bradshow opines that, ‘’it is more than adequate for the average club standard player. Very light weight and ideal for the cheeky drop-shot…’’ simply put, this racket is suitable for the amateur player or somebody who has just started playing badminton. The materials used also ensure that the end product is light enough to allow for swift shots. The user also notes that the racket comes along with a casing to protect it from damage. The case is lined just about ¾ of its full length. He also adds that it is apparent Yonex ranks fairly well of the different budgets available, so there really is no excuse why one would not get a quality product.

TPB is yet another client who has benefited from the purchase of the Yonex MP& badminton racket from Amazon. As a casual player, TPB wanted something that was durable, light weight as well as power-packed, and what better option than to use this racket? To put it in his words, ‘’… I am a casual (once or twice a week) badminton player and I was looking for a good quality, light and powerful racket, and that is exactly what I got when I bought this product…’’ he maintains that while he is no pro at badminton, he is trained enough to tell that such a racket will be a great asset for anyone looking to improve their skill. It allows players to get to a stable level where they can then hone their skills. The fact that delivery is made within a short period of time (read a couple of days) means that this brand augers well with the clients. For all its worth, it is certainly a great purchase.


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