What’s the Best Asics Trainers

When you are looking for the best shoes on the market why not try out only the best manufactured shoe on the planet!  At least I think so because I wouldn’t trust my feet to anything else but Asics Trainers.  These shoes not only feel wonderful but they really help me to do more and push myself harder than I ever thought I could before.  My feet no longer feel tired as quickly and this is amazing because going on a good and healthy lifestyle kick has been my motivation.

These shoes can be a bit intimidating because there are really a lot of styles and fits and not everyone is going to want the same thing.  Instead of thinking that you are getting in over your head allow me to make the experience less confusing.  We are going to go over the top 20 different shoes that Asics has to offer.  All of these shoes truly have hands down the best user rating and also the best customer reviews I could find on the internet.

Customers and users can really make or break a product so it took me a good amount of time to put this together for all of you. I hope that it makes your shopping trip much easier.  Knowing that you have name brand quality that will last a very long time should be motivation alone.   Enjoy the list!

Our Top 20 Asics Trainers

1 Asics Women’s Gel Nimbus 14 W White/Purple/Turquoise Trainer T291N 0136 4 UK

  • Fantastic Price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Breathability
  • Strong and Flexible

These Asics trainers have a great rating by customers for being a very good price and also very comfortable. You can’t get better than that when it comes to a shoe.  These really have a good flexibility and a breathability that truly allows you to do more without feeling like your feet are soaking wet.  Also they help to keep the odor down which is a good thing because no one really wants to deal with that when it comes to their trainers.

2 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 19 Running Shoes – 11

  • Updated style
  • Very comfortable gel inserts
  • Extra support
  • Feels like a custom fit

Most of the customers who bought these shoes all said the same things, They would totally buy this particular shoe again.  They really have a great flexible feel to them which makes them very easy to break in and wear on a constant basis.  Very great for running and pushing yourself further than you’ve ever wanted to go.  They help to relieve foot fatigue which is the biggest complaint among runners.


3 Asics Women’s Gel Cumulus 14 G-tx W Dark Charcoal/Malibu/Orchid Trainer T2A5N 9861 5 UK

  • Improved Design
  • Improved Style
  • Very easy to care for
  • Brand Name Quality

If you are looking for a no nonsense trainer then you’ve found your shoes.  These are really no frills muss or fuss.  They do what they were intended to do which is feel great on your feet and help you to get your training or gym time without worrying about sweaty feet or odor.  These Asics Trainers help you work harder because they help your feet feel not so tired.

4 ASICS PATRIOT 6 Running Shoes – 7.5

  • Great Style
  • Very functional
  • Very popular style
  • Good Quality materials

This is a sturdy pair of shoes that really help with running.  They totally make your feet feel like they are running on air.  They surround your feet with stability so when you’re running you feel like you can kick higher and run faster than you have ever before.  Very popular and a very versatile brand that carries the quality of Asics, these shoes do the trick.

5 Asics Women’s Gel 180Tr W White/Navy/Silver Trainer S354L 0193 6 UK

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to manage
  • Feels broken in
  • Comfort gel insole

It can be sometimes hard to find a good woman’s shoe for the gym but this seems to be hands down the best on the market today. These shoes have hands down some of the best quality design that you can get and that’s saying a lot.  Of all the brands of shoes on the market these ones seem to encompass everything that you might be looking for in a trainer.

6 Asics Women’s Gt 1000 W White/Silver/Purple Trainer T2L6N 0191 5 UK

  • Easy to keep clean and dry
  • Very nice style
  • Improved in design
  • Very comfortable

Very stylish shoes that stay dry no matter how far you run in them.  With man-made synthetic materials that allow ultra-breathability.  They will feel fantastic on your feet because they have almost a form fit feel that is because these are high quality shoes.

7 Asics Women’s Gel Cumulus 14 W Black/Onyx/Charcoal Trainer T296N 9099 5.5 UK

  • Nice fit
  • Very stylish
  • Easy to care for
  • Ultra lightweight

These shoes were made for function and style and it’s done just that.  Very easy to wear and you will feel great wearing them.  They help your feet to feel like they are walking on air and that’s saying a lot about shoes.  They are very lightweight which means that you won’t feel the typical foot fatigue that you might have with a previous pair of shoes that you could have bought.

8 Asics Men’s Gel Cumulus 14 M Black/Onyx/Charcoal Trainer T246N 9099 10.5 UK

  • Lightweight design
  • Very nice looking
  • Popular style
  • Comfort gel in all the right places

Very good and stylish men’s asics trainers which are perfect for the gym or anything else that you might want to do in them.  They feel great on your feet and get fantastic customer reviews supporting that.  People really enjoy the almost custom fit and the fact that it took little to no time at all to break them in and for them to feel like you’ve had them forever.

9 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 19 Women’s Running Shoes – 6

  • Stylish
  • Functional
  • Nice quality materials
  • Breathability

Easy to wear and very stylish these women’s running shoes really have everything that you could be looking for in a shoe.  They feel great on the feet and that’s because they have gel inside which cushions the balls of the feet and the heels and that’s for both added support and for extra comfort.  This is a very popular brand that people really enjoy.

10 ASICS GEL-DS TRAINER 18 Women’s Running Shoes

  • Best Running Shoe
  • Very lightweight
  • More secure steps
  • Very functional

Personally these are hands down my favorite shoes on the list and that’s because they are so lightweight and easy to manage.  I hardly have to take care of them at all and even after having them for a few months they still look like brand new.  They have really stood up to the test of time and that’s really important to me.   These shoes have both durability and stability so that I feel confident in each one of my steps.  They help me to feel extra confident and also give me that edge to want to go to the gym and that’s because I know I won’t come home with sore feet.

11 ASICS GEL-PHOENIX 5 Running Shoes

  • Easy to wear
  • Very lightweight
  • Secure feeling
  • Sturdy yet flexible

A very nice looking shoe that makes your feet feel like you’ve been walking on clouds instead of running a few miles. These shoes are great for those starting out in running or who have just been looking for a great pair of back up shoes that would feel great in a pinch. These get great reviews and have a stylish design for that added bit of confidence that all runners can use. Running is such a great sport and exercise which means that with the right kind of shoe that makes you feel good about yourself you can push yourself even further than you ever thought you could go before.

12 Asics Women’s Gt 2000 W Trainer

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Name Brand Design

Very nice shoe that is super lightweight which is important in a trainer.  When you are working out or playing sports you want a shoe that doesn’t feel like it’s holding you back while you are doing what you love.  Very nice feeling around the toes which is really important because that’s where you need it the most while working out or playing sports.

13 ASICS GEL-DS TRAINER 18 Running Shoes

  • Trusted Brand
  • Manmade and synthetic materials
  • Ultra breathability
  • Secure on the feet

With the name brand quality and the upgraded design these Asics trainers really will knock your socks off.  They feel great while you are running and you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate how they feel on your feet.  Very nice looking and very comfortable on your feet which really does help you to run further and to not have the foot pain associated with lesser quality shoes.

14 Asics Men’s Gel Phoenix M Trainer

  • Very stylish
  • Nice and Comfortable
  • Breathability
  • Convention and Performance

Very bold looking shoe which fits perfectly with a good stylish person.  They have a fantastic feeling around the foot so it feels like they are actually just surrounding your feet with softness.  They are totally lightweight and help you to put in more effort than you’ve ever put in before.  They help you maintain a good sports performance and quality gym run every single time you wear them.  Very nice to wear no matter what you are doing with them.  Especially nice if you work the kind of job where you stand or walk around all day long.  These shoes will take a pounding and still look like they are brand new for many months to come.

15 ASICS PATRIOT 6 Running Shoes

  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to take care of
  • Let’s your feet breathe
  • Flexible

Very nice looking shoe that really feels wonderful.  With an easy design that maintains a constant feeling of security on the feet which is great for running.  If you are just starting out or if you’ve been running all your life it doesn’t matter because these work each and every single time you wear them.  They get fantastic reviews and the customers really enjoy how well they keep the wetness down around your feet which helps you feel more secure and also cuts down on odor.  Sweat can be the leading cause of running accidents and that’s because the foot get’s slick and you put your foot down wrong.

16 Asics Womens Gel Trounce Trainer In Black / White

  • Nice looking
  • Very stylish
  • Exciting updates
  • Lightweight

Very stylish shoes that feel like you were wearing nothing at all.  Super sticky sole and a very good trip no matter what kind of floors or courts you are running or walking on.  Very comfortable and flexible, this means that they will feel like you’ve had them forever even from the first time that you put them on.  Very wonderful reviews from customers who would recommend these Asics trainers to anyone that they came in contact with because they feel so good.

17 Asics Women’s Gel Nimbus 14 W Trainer

  • Very nice to wear
  • Long lasting materials
  • Durable
  • Keeps feet nice and dry

These shoes are fantastic in both brand name quality and design.  That’s because they seeming last forever and that’s what many customers have said about them. They are ultra-lightweight and that means that you can really wear them all the time and they really do feel exactly like they did the first day you bought them.  With the same comfort level and the same support that Asics is known for.


18 Asics Womens Gel Oberon 7 Trainer In White / Silver / Blue

  • Lovely style
  • Professional fit
  • Custom gel insoles
  • Breathes on the feet

The qualities of these shoes are unsurpassed and that’s proven in how many people actually love this style and design. They have been upgraded with an all new more supportive instep and insole so that you can wear them all day long and still feel exactly the same as when you put them on in the morning.  Would work great for going to the gym or even if you had a job where you stood on your feet all day.

19 Asics Men’s Gt 2000 M Trainer

  • Very good men’s trainer
  • Great for running or training
  • Good traction
  • Nice and comfortable

Easy to manage and comfort which cannot be matched.  These shoes really make you feel like you are walking on air and do not seem to ever make your feet sore or tired. They were designed with you in mind and that’s a great thing because of all the men’s trainers that are on the market it can be really hard to try and find one that fits you the best.  These almost feel like they took your very foot and designed the shoe around it.

20 ASICS PATRIOT 6 Running Shoes

  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great style
  • Functional and professional

A very nice shoe for the mid-level runner who is looking to upgrade to the next level and take their running more seriously.  These shoes really feel wonderful on the feet and that’s because of the added support and comfort that most Asics styles are implementing as the mainstream standard.  They cushion your feet and make you feel wonderful while you are running and also more confident.  More confidence means that you will push yourselves harder and really help you to move yourself further than you’ve ever been.



Now every single shoe on this list has been hand-picked by myself because I went through many websites looking for the very best.  Customers really love them and they would recommend these shoes to just about anyone and that’s saying a lot.  The Asics brand has been making shoes for over 50 years and that means they know a thing or two about how to make their customers happy.  I think they’ve really gone above and beyond with the new upgrades that they have made on most of their new styles.  Even making improvements on older styles that weren’t doing very well in stores, so that they breathe a renewed life into them.
They really are a fantastic brand that everyone should look into if they are searching for a good shoe that stands the test of time.  They make so many more products but their trainers and running shoes really are the top of the line and the ones I have pointed out on this list are the top even of those.
I hope that this article has helped you to really make a good informed decision on your next pair of shoes that you will buy.  Sometimes it can be really hard to find the right fit and the right style that will suit your taste and your style but these really will do just that. There is something here for everyone and that is really important because all sorts of people will be buying these shoes.  Every single age and lifestyle shops for a good shoe in the list that I built for you there really is something that everyone could find good qualities in.  No matter how old you are or what you are going to be using these shoes for you are sure to find exactly what you want.


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