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Finding your perfect Asics Gel shoes can be a tricky sort of thing. Sometimes it can be confusing which kind you should get and what style. I have put together this really helpful list of the 10 best Asics Gel Trainers. I have scoured over the internet for weeks looking over the right kind of reviews and customer feedback on many styles to ensure that I brought to you the most thought out list that covers all sorts of styles so you could make an informed decision on which shoes would be right for you. Asking your friends and family members can help a bit but if they don’t use the same shoes as you do then it might be a worthless effort. Going in and out of shops looking for the right shoe can also prove really frustrating unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

That’s why I’ve put together this list. I absolutely love Asics Gel shoes and think that putting this together will really help you put a style and name to something you’ve been on the hunt for, for many months. It really was difficult for me to find just the right style but when I did I have been buying the same style for years now. I couldn’t imagine wearing any other style of shoe now that I found my favourite. The Asics brand is really great quality and I think that’s why I really enjoy them. They seem to last almost forever and I can be really hard on shoes doing all sorts of things with them but they have that name brand quality that we’ve all grown to love and trust. So let’s get started on this list!

Our 10 best Asics Gel Shoes

1 Asics Men’s Gel Cumulus 14 M Trainer

  • 8 Different Colour styles
  • Both rear foot and front foot gel cushion
  • Full Laces
  • Great feeling on the feet Now this is the top shoe not because it’s the best but it has hands down the best customer reviews.

These shoes are lightweight, durable and great for all kinds of sports. They would be great as trainers or court sports. They have wonderful gel cushioning that helps to lower impact and helps the wearer to run more efficiently. The shock absorption of the gel inserts really do make a difference in how tired your feet might get otherwise. It also really just feels better on the feet if you wear them for longer durations.

2 ASICS Gel-Sugi 3 Running Shoes

  • Designed for both recreational and professional runners
  • Very good support for the whole foot
  • Extra support for the balls of the feet and heals
  • Breathable material to cut down on sweat and odor If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes this is it.

These shoes have truly the best design for both professional and the occasional runners out there. They were specifically designed to fit better around the foot so that injury and strain was lessened in testing by the company. These shoes are very easy to care for and are super durable with their man-made material that is totally lightweight and very breathable. The breath ability is really important because when our feet get sweaty it not only causes odour but it also makes our feet slick and that can cause accidents while we are running. With these shoes there is no longer that worry. click here for top 5 running shoes.

3 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 19 Running Shoes

  • Extra cushion for your toes
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great breath-ability Do you want to wear a shoe that makes you feel more confident while you are running.

Well this is what all the reviews have been saying. That it makes them feel not only like they are more centered but that their feet were actually more stable with each step. That’s a big claim for a simple running shoe but honestly they are right. As I have used this exact pair and I think they are fantastic. They really are reliable and stable and have the extra gel in the front where my feet seem to need it most.

4 Asics Women’s Gel Cumulus 14 W Trainer

  • Comfort Lining to keep feet dry
  • Rubber sole
  • Full laces
  • Guidance system A very good shoe for women if you are looking for something a bit more stable and a bit heavier.

These aren’t the lightest shoes in the world that seems to be the only complaint but if you do not mind It doesn’t seem to matter to most because the reviews have been all very impressive. They really enjoyed the full laces and the comfort lining so that the feet stayed drier than in regular running shoes.

5 ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 Women’s Running Shoes

  • 3 different colour choices
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Breathable and Secure If you’ve ever wanted a plush feeling while you are running then these are the shoes for you.

They really do have some of the best underfoot comfort that any shoes on the market provide. This underfoot comfort really helps you to push yourself further in your running than you’ve ever been before. It has great support for the whole foot and stability that really helps the ankle. With a combined gel and memory foam under the balls of the feet and the heel it really feels wonderful no matter how long you wear them for.

6 ASICS GT-2000 Running Shoes

  • Lots of comfort
  • Very stylish
  • Full laces
  • Dynamic and progressive support for the wearer

There is a real core believe with these shoes which were designed last year that they would always maintain their Asics style and design but the company would improve and they did just that. These shoes have a great rating and that’s because the sensation when they are on the feet are absolutely like you are running on a cloud. These shoes very much have the feeling like a custom fit and easy to maintain with extra breath ability so that your feet feel secure and safe with each and every kick off.

7 Asics Women’s Gel 180Tr W Trainer

  • Duomax comfort
  • Stylish design
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Breath ability and Reliability

These are great shoes for going to the gym. All of the customers who bought these shoes really said that was what they were best suited for. They were very comfortable and could also be used as an everyday shoe if there were support problems with the feet or if you worked in a job where you stood on your feet all day. These shoes would be fantastic for that.

8 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 19 Women’s Running Shoes

  • Very lightweight
  • Stylish Design
  • Very comfortable Gel under the feet
  • Very breathable

These shoes are very good for the basic runner and will provide a very good experience for someone who hasn’t really been running before. These shoes are very carefully crafted to mould to your foot and to feel like they’d been made just for you. These shoes also are very stylish design something that everyone can really enjoy.

9 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 20 Running Shoes

  • Very stylish and bold design
  • Bouncy underfoot support
  • Extra gel around the toes
  • Extra gel at the heels

These shoes are very stylish and will suit the person who is really looking to get noticed. They are very comfortable and will feel like you are running on air. They have extra gel support which means when you move they move with you reducing foot fatigue. more tips for running shoes click here.

10 ASICS GEL-PHOENIX 5 Running Shoes

  • Guidance line built right in
  • Very bouncy step
  • Mid sole dense so it feels better while you run
  • Very stylish and easy to care for

These shoes really are hands down one of the best Asics makes and that’s simply because of the way it feels on your feet. No other shoe will be this lightweight and this supportive. You will feel like you can run faster and further because your feet won’t feel as sore or as tired. Finding the right kind of Asics gel shoe can be pretty hard but once you’ve narrowed down your search and you know exactly what you are looking for can you really get what you wanted in the first place.

Running shoes can be a very feeling specific shoe and not every brand is going to fit just right but Asics really have gone out of their way to ensure that they had the most natural feeling and the most supportive shoes on the market. No matter what other shoes you might have tried in the past giving these a try might actually change how you run and how often you run. Running is supposed to be a fun and interactive sport not something that makes your feet tired and makes you feel miserable. Instead these shoes really help you to remember why you started running in the first place. A very good shoe indeed and they will always be a bit more money than others but that’s because you are paying for better quality.

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