The Top 5 Badminton Players And The Raquets They Use

Badminton is a game played by two single opposing players or two opposing pairs, this sport uses a racquet in striking a shuttlecock in order to earn points. This was included in the Olympics since 1992 and instantly became famous all over the world.

It is better played indoors because the wind affects the shuttlecock flight but it can be played outdoors as well as a form of recreational activity. Any age, race or gender can play this sport as a form of competitive sport or just for fun.

Badminton is a game that requires excellent fitness, stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. It is also a technical sport which requires good eye-hand coordination and calculated strategy. Aside from skills, a durable and efficient racquet is needed especially for professional athletes.

The Badminton World Federation released its top players in all categories. Here are the top 5 badminton player in the men’s singles category (ranked in order), with their profiles and the kind of racquet they use in their games

chen-longChen Long

Chen Long is a male badminton player from China. He was born on January 1989 and is currently 25 years old. He’s current ranking is no.1 in men’s singles.

Here are his most distinguished accomplishments in badminton:

  • Bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in 2012 held at London (men’s singles)
  • Gold medalist at World Championships in 2014 held at Copenhagen (men’s singles)
  • Asian Championship, consistent bronze medalist at men’s singles category (2013 Taipei, 2009 Suwon, 2012 Quingdao and 2012 Chengdu)
  • Gold medalist in team category during the Thomas Cup in 2012 at Wuhan and 2010 at Kuala Lumpur, Bronze medalist in 2014 at New Delhi
  • Gold medalist during the Sudirman cup in team category in 2013 at Kuala Lumpur
  • Asian Games, he got silver medals in 2014 at Icheon for both the men’s singles and men’s team , he also won a bronze medal in 2010 at Guangzhou for the men’s team
  • He won a bronze medal during the East Asian Games in 2013 held at Tianjin and a few more gold and bronze for junior championships

He is right handed and uses the racquet manufactured by Li-ning called Flame N55. This racquet Is designed for precision and control and is taylor-made for Chen Long. The Flame N55 badminton racquet has a heavy head but balanced well with the stiff shaft for maximum control. The name was inspired from the adage in Sun Tzu Art of War that stated, “When in movement, be as swift as the storm. When in tactics, be as intricate as the woods. When in aggression, be as ferocious as the flame. When in stillness, be as steady as the rocks.

Jan O Jorgensen

French Open 2012Jan O Jorgensen was born on December 1987 and is 27 years of age. He is from Denmark and started playing the sport at the age of 4 but started playing competitively at the age of 16.

Here are a few of his accomplishments:

European Badminton Championships (men’s singles)

  • Gold medalist in 2014 at Kazan
  • Silver medalist at 2010 held at Manchester
  • Bronze medalist in 2008 and 2012 at Herning and Karlskrona respectively

European Mixed Team Badminton Championships

  • Gold medalist in 2011 held at Amsterdam

Thomas Cup

  • Bronze medalist in 2012 at Wuhan

Jan O Jorgensen is right handed and uses Li-ning N90 series. This racquet is made up of carbon fibre and embodies the features usually found in a heavy head with stiff shaft but high balance point. The N90 is the ideal series for the offensive player. The compressive-structure frame increases torsion and steadiness without affecting the player’s skill and control.

Lee Chong Wei

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei is a 32 year old player from Bagan Serai, Perak. He is a professional Malaysian Chinese badminton player and he represents Malaysia. He already started badminton as a sport when he was just 11 years old and was drafted into the national squad at the age of 17.

Lee+Chong+Wei+Yonex+England+Badminton+Open+9P3tnF-IIcUlHere is a list of his prominent accomplishments:

  • Highest Ranking: 1
  • Current Ranking: 3
  • Silver medalist in the Olympic Games in 2008 at Beijing and 2012 at London which made him the 6th Malaysian to win and Olympic and the first to reach the finals in a single’s category. Because of this, a Malaysian Prime Minister who entitled him “Dato” and described him a national hero
  • Lee was ranked first worldwide for 199 consecutive weeks from 21 August 2008 to 14 June 2014 and the THIRD Malaysian to achieve such ranking
  • He is also the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the number one ranking for more than a year

World Championships (men’s singles)

  •  Silver medalist in 2011, 2013 and 2014 held at London, Guangzhou and Copenhagen respectively and a bronze medalist in 2005 at Anaheim

Asian Championships (men’s singles)

  • Gold medalist at Johor Bahru in 2006

Thomas Cup (Team)

  • Silver medalist in 2014 at New Delhi
  • Bronze medalist in 2006 at Sendai/Tokyo, 2008 at Jakarta and in 2010 at Kuala Lumpur

Sudirman Cup (Team)

  • Bronze medalist at Guangzhou in 2009

Asian Games

  • Silver medalist in 2010 at Guangzhou (Men’s Singles)
  • Bronze medalist in 2014 at Incheon and in 2006 at Doha both for men’s singles and teams
  • He also had medals during the Southeast Asian Games, World Junior Championships and Commonwealth Young games.
  • He is a consistent gold medalist during the Commonwealth Games in different years and categories

He is right handed and uses the Yonex, Voltrix 82 series when playing badminton. This Yonex series has the thinnest shaft and has improved Tri-voltage system which increases the smash energy. The Voltric has combined power and fast racquet handling; this is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance.

Son Wan Ho

Son-Wan-Ho-300x225Son Wan Ho was born at South Korea in May 1988. He started playing during his primary years when his teacher suggested I to him and started to play professionally in 2007 at the Osaka Open.  He is a member of the national team since 2006.

  • Highest Ranking: 6
  • Current Ranking: 7
  • Competed in the men’s singles event at the 2012 Summer Olympics

He is right handed and uses the Victor Meteor X80 racquet. The MX-80 is usually used by the South Korea national team, this racquet is head heavy stiff. This is a great choice for players who have a big swing and who are looking for control. It is infused with technology which makes it one of th most responsive racquets on the planet.

K. Srikanth

Srikanth Kidambi is a 22 year old Indian badminton player. He was born on February 1993 and has a brother; Nanda Goal who also plays badminton.

ibl_5_jpg_1569720g-1415517147Here are a few of his achievements:

  • Highest ranking: 4
  • Current ranking: 5

Asian Junior Championships

  • Bronze medalist in 2011 at Lucknow in a mixed team event

Commonwealth Youth Games

  • Silver medalist for mixed doubles and bronze medalist for boys’ doubles both in 2011 held at Douglas
  • He claim his first senior title by beating a reigning champion and Olympian in the All India Senior National Championships in Delhi at 2013
  • In November 2014, he beat the 5 times World Champion and 2 times Olympic Champion; Lin Dan in straight sets in the 2014 China Open Super Series Premier making him the FIRST INDIAN to win a Super Series Premier Men’s Title

He is sponsored by Li-ning and uses the racquet they manufactured called the Mega Power Turbo Charging N9 which is made especially for offense, attack and big power oriented badminton players who want to play with the maximum possible power.


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