Who Is The Greatest Badminton Player Ever?

From the thousands of badminton players in the world, there is still an unanswered question as to who is the greatest badminton player ever? There are a lot of ways in determining who really are the top 3 greatest badminton players; aside from the number of wins in different tournaments, titles and medals could also be a basis.

Badm5443inton is a sport included in the Summer Olympics; the most prestigious international sports event with the most coveted and sought for gold medals and titles by athletes all over the world. A badminton athlete goes though a lot of elimination games to be able to reach the point where they are allowed to compete in the Olympics. In order to find out who are qualified for the Olympics, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) rankings are used. All players who belong in the top 16 of the BWF rankings will automatically qualify.

The top 3 names of badminton athletes famous for their Olympic medal and titles are: Gao Ling of China with a total of 4 medals in the Olympics from the year 2000 to 2004. Kim Dong-moon of South Korea with 3 Olympic medals from 1996 to 2004 and Gil Young-ah also from South Korea with a total of 3 medals from 1992 to 1996. BUT with regards to accomplishments made in the badminton history, the list will be reshuffled and the final list will include: Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat and of course, Gao Ling.

How did these 3 athletes make it this big in playing badminton? Here are their profiles:

Taufik Hidayat – Third Best

Taufik Hidayat was born in August 1981 at Bandung, West Java. He is now a retired badminton player. During his younger years, he joined the SGS Club, a badminton club where he was trained by lie Sumirat.

Media found his rivalry with Lin Dan very competitive and tagged them with the name:  ‘arch rivals’.

In November 2012, he built a badminton training center called the Taufik Hidayat Arena. He holds the record of fastest smash recorded in single’s competition with his 305km/hr smash in a match against Ng Wei in the 2006 World Championship

Here are Taufik’s accomplishments in badminton:

Olympic Games

  • Gold medalist in the men’s singles in 2004 at Athens

World Championships (Men’s Singles)

  • Gold medalist (2005 Anaheim)
  • Silver medalist (2010 Paris)
  • 2 times Bronze medalist (2009 Hyderabad and 2001 Seville)

Thomas Cup (Men’s Team)

  • 2 times Gold medalist
  • Silver medalist
  • 3 times bronze medalist

Sudirman Cup

  • 3 times Silver medalist
  • 2 times Bronze medalist

He is a 3 times Gold medalist, 1 silver and 2 bronze in the Asian Games. He is also a 3 times gold medalist, 2 silver and 1 bronze in the Asian Championships and 2 times gold medalist in the Southeast Asian Games.

Gao Ling – Second Best

Gao Ling is of Chinese descent and was born on March 14, 1979 and she is currently 36 years old. She is famous not only for her smile but also for her consistency, anticipation and forecourt prowess. She is one of the most successful doubles players in the history of women’s badminton. She is right handed.

Here are her accomplishments in badminton:

Olympic Games

  • Gold medalist in 2004 at Athens and in 2000 at Sydney, both in mixed dubles category
  • Silver medalist in 2004 at Athens during the women’s doubles
  • Bronze medalist in 2000 at Sydney, still in women’s doubles

World Championship

  • 2 Gold medals in 2001 at Seville, one for the mixed doubles and the other for the Women’s doubles
  • Gold medalist in 2003 at Birmingham for women’s doubles
  • Gold medalist in 2006 at Madrid, also in women’s doubles

World Cup

  • Gold medalist in 200 at Yiyang in women’s doubles

Uber Cup

  • 5 times Gold medalist in 2000 at Kuala Lumpur, in 2002 at Guangzhou, in 2004 at Jakarta, in 2006 at Tokyo and in 2008 at Jakarta

Sudirman Cup

  • 3 times Gold medalist in 2001 at Seville, 2005 at Beijing and 2007 at Glasgow


Lin Dan – The Best Player

0815lindanLin Dan was born on October 1983 in Longyan, Fujiani; he is a professional badminton player from China. He started playing badminton at the age of 5 and joined sports troop at the age of 13. He joined China’s national badminton team when he was 18.

He is considered a legendary Chinese badminton player and is deemed as the greatest single player of all time. He is the first and only player to complete the “Super Grand Slam” by the age of 28 and has 9 major titles in international badminton. He acquired the nickname “Super Dan” which was given by his fans all over the world. He has quite a record of gold and medals in other international competitions and he is the only player in badminton history to win the Olympic gold medal for two consecutive times He was voted as the best male athlete of 2010 in CCTV Sports Personality of the Year.

Here is a list of Super Dan’s accomplishments:

Olympic Games

  • 2 times Gold medalist in 2012 at London and in 2008 at Beijing, both in the men’s singles

World Championships

  • 5 times Gold medalist all in men’s singles (2013 Guangzhou, 2011 London, 2009 Hyderabad, 2007 Kuala Lumpur and 2006 Madrid)
  • Bronze Medalist still in men’s singles in 2005 at Anaheim

World Cup

  • 2 times gold medalist both for men’s singles (2006 Yiyang and 2005 Yiyang)

Thomas Cup (All In Team Category)

  • 5 times Gold medalist
  • 2 times Bronze medalist

Sudirman Cup (All In Team Category)

  • 4 times Gold medalist

Asian Games

  • 4 times Gold medalist (2 in the men’s singles and 2 in the men’s team)
  • 2 times Silver medalist (1in the men’s singles and 1 in the men’s team)
  • Bronze medalist in men’s team

Asian Championships (All In Men’s Singles Category)

  • 3 times Gold medalist
  • Silver medalist
  • 2 times Bronze medalist

East Asian Games (Both In 2009 At Hongkong)

  • Gold medalist
  • Silver medalist

He also holds titles in the World Junior Championship and the Asian Junior Championship


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