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Playing a game like badminton means that you need to have the best in equipment and put in the time and effort to actually play the game well.  If you put in the time and work you will surely have an edge but if you have the right tools like the correct badminton racquets you will also have an edge too.  If it feels right in your hand and the weight is right you can truly have that cutting edge to make you more confident and also to just play better in general.

You shouldn’t just take my word for it as I have been playing for over 10 years now and know the power and diversity in most racquets.  Knowing what fits my hand the best and will give me the best in range of motion will really truly make me a better player at least I think so and it’s been proven on the court time after time not just with me but with players I associate with as well.  All of us really think that if you can pick it up and really swing it around before you buy it you will be able to tell almost immediately which one will work for you.

Review of the top three badminton racquets

I’ve put together a list of the top three deals I have seen, I haven’t used all of these but I have done extensive research on each one of these and have narrowed them down from a laundry list of brands and kinds that not only I have used but that my friends have also used. So hopefully this helps you pick the right kind of racquet for you!

Browning Nanopower Ti Badminton Racket + 3 Shuttles Expert Craftsmanship

  • Lightweight
  • Comfort Grip that’s extra sticky
  • Comes with protective case and three shuttles

In comparison to other badminton racquets this one is hands down my top pick because I have used it and I know and love the feel and the way that it feels in the hand.  It’s super lightweight and easy to handle which is great.

Also the strings are very tightly woven which gives you that extra power that you will need when you are slapping that shuttle to and fro on the court.  It feels very good in the hand and might be a bit heavy in the head but that gives it a good edge.  It is really just perfect for the beginner or middle class player and will work well for anyone who really just likes the feel of power in their hands.

YONEX Basic 550 Badminton Racket

  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Shaft made from carbon steel
  • Stylish colouring and design
  • Nice tight strings

This badminton racquet is for the everyday player.  Someone who just knocks the shuttle around sometimes with friends as it’s by no means a professional grade racquet but it is just fine for the fun player.  Someone who plays for a workout would be wonderful with this particular racquet. It does very well with a beginner as well because it’s handy, lightweight and very easy to manage.  It really does the trick when just learning the sport.  This is a great model for people who just play sometimes.  It works really well for people who also have never played before and just want to play occasionally or learn the game straight off.

Wilson Carbon 78 Badminton Racquets – Multicoloured

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Strung very tightly for power
  • Gives the player more control

This racquet is very easy to use and is a favourite among my friends who play.  Not only is it name brand quality it’s also name brand design which can be really important to some players.  There aren’t many on the markets that have this kind of durability and power but this one offers just that.

They are many badminton racquets on the market to choose from but this one seems to be a favourite among the circles that I run in. It’s very lightweight which is good for stream lined play and has superior 66 strings that make it tighter and better and more long lasting than most on the market.  Wilson uses superior products which mean that they truly are thoughtful to the players and how well they play.  This is a good racquet for both intermediate and pro players who want a touch more of an edge than they usually get. click here for best badminton racket review

Badminton hasn’t fallen to the wayside.

Some people believe that the sport has fallen to the wayside and that it’s gone out of style but the truth is the sport of badminton is better than ever and finding the best badminton racquet is hopefully made easier than ever with this article. I have given a lot of research and a lot of thought into these racquets and who might use them from beginners all the way up to pro level.  Trying to find the best fit for each of the areas where people might play day to day.  This sport really is just as popular today as it was when it first began and running in the circles that’s very evident.


Hopefully I’ve covered all the bases for the top three badminton racquets that are on the market today.  I’ve been playing for a long time and really admire and love the sport for just that, the sport.  It’s good on the body and mind and is very competitive which I am by nature.  Having that competitive nature I like to have an edge and all three of these racquets will give you just that.  An edge that you might not have had otherwise, even if you are just learning why not have a good edge that will help you feel more confident and better about yourself which means that you will feel better and play better on your games as you go through them.  Hopefully this helps you narrow down your needs and really look for the right kind of racquet for your next game or your first game.

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