Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badaminton Racket Review

Who is Browning?

Browning company is a company that has specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of sporting equipment. These products are well known for their durability as well as for their performance. The products from the Browning brand set a new standard for quality, ensuring that users get value for their money. One of the products that are available for the sports enthusiast is the Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket. Just as the name of the product states, this racket is ideal for those who are keen on improving their badminton games. The racket was introduced to the market in 2007 and has continued to experience great sales across the world.

Specifications of the Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket

The racket is made entirely from Nano carbon titanium, and this makes it a durable product. The use of this material also contributes to the light weight of the racket, thus improving the overall performance.

Titanium is preferred because it creates great stiffness yet is very lightweight. The Titanium is not usually used on its own as it is mixed with carbon. This excellent stiffness means that when the shuttlecock hits the racket, the racket will take in the energy from the shuttlecock, so that more energy is taken back by the shuttlecock. This weaving system creates a faster racket with improved stability, and who would not want that for a great game?

– The unstrung frame weight ranges between 70 and 75 grams, making it ideal for players who prefer lightweight rackets.

– The wide body frame gives the player a powerful grasp so that they are able to give the game their best shot.

– A closer look at the racket reveals that the shape of the head has a C-groove. This is made this way to ensure stability as well as widen the sweet spot.

– The carbon handle provides a firm yet flexible grip, little wonder it is referred to as the Powerflo one piece shaft.

– The strings within the frame are made from titanium, and this ensures durability and a swift response when playing badminton.

– The handle is made from breathable material ensuring a firm grip.

– The racket is available with a protective cover that provides full length covering to ensure that it remains in good condition.


6 Additional Points About the Browning Nano 75

– The light weight racket is ideal for fast players as it also ensures that the user has a firm grip.

– It is a durable product that ensures longevity of the racket even with the vigor of a swift badminton game.

– The racket features a lovely chrome finish that gives it a cool futuristic look.

– The excellent carry case means that you can carry your racket wherever you go without worrying about its condition.

– The racket does not come as a complete package, so users will have to purchase other parts of the same in order to get a full badminton playing set.

– The warranty offered is dependent on the point of purchase.

What’s the general opinion?

As an overview, many users attest to the fact that this racket is both lightweight and durable. The fact that it has a nice comfortable grip means that this makes it manageable. The frame is very solid, and the handle features tiny grooves that are located at the position of the thumb and the forefinger. If you are looking for a powerful racket, this is the go-to racket.

If you are used to heavy rackets, it might take some getting used to get comfortable with the Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket. It can also cause the player to find it hard doing gentle touch shots. The performance however, makes up for this.

See what recent purchasers have had to say about the  Platinum Nano 75

This user’s child was excited at the prospect of having the racket for their birthday gift. According to Love a good reader, “it is not just stylish, it also increases the rate at which he takes his shots. The casing is also exceptional, and he would recommend it for anyone looking to purchase a badminton racket”

Tansy seemed to share the same sentiments as this is what she had to say about the product. Tansy was not too sure what brand of racket to buy, but the Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton did look like a good option. Having settled for this brand, she is happy to say that she has no regrets. To quote her words, ‘…it’s an excellent all round match racket…’

Film fan puts it aptly when he says this about the racket:

‘’… The racket has remarkable balance to it and I find that hitting the shuttle hard or soft is a pleasure to behold… Some of the shots I get from playing with this beautiful beast of a racquet I haven’t played before and I’m constantly surprised and exhilarated by how wonderful this thing is to play with. Oh and the price I paid for it, an absolute bargain for any badminton player out there. Hat’s off to an amazingly brilliant racquet…’’

dunlop badminton racket

SteveFTO is of the opinion that the Browning Platinum Nano 75

Badminton is ideal even for new players as it provides a firm grip and allows for the user to take control. Learn more about grip principles click here.

Mr. Graham Kelly has this to say about the racket: a lightweight racket with strong strings attached to a firm frame. It has a great glossy appearance, and it comes along with the availability of a great carry case on purchase. Having used it in several games, Mr. Kelly does have a good point here. In his words, ‘…I would recommend this racket to anyone, it does take time to get use to but so do other rackets…’

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