Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 Badminton Racket Review

Badminton rackets are available in a wide range of brands, and sometimes this causes players to be confused, wondering what characteristics they need to be on the lookout for. The brand of any given product speaks volumes about it, making it important for the user to select wisely. In fact, this ought to be the first consideration to make. In case you have not made up your mind, you may want to have a look at the 2 x Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 badminton rackets + 3 x shuttles. Browning is a brand that is highly esteemed across the world, and you could never go wrong with it. The choice of the particular model lies entirely with the client as there are different specifications for different purposes.

The name of this product indicates ‘2 x’ which simply means that the rackets come in pairs. Alongside the two rackets, users will find that the 2 x Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 badminton rackets + 3 x shuttles comes along with three shuttlecocks. The beauty about this is that it becomes possible to get all the supplies at one go. The convenience presented by such a package makes it priceless. This set also makes it a perfect gift for that one friend who lives for badminton. That said, what is it that makes this racket stand out from the crowd? Below are some of the features that are unique to this racket.

The racket is made entirely from carbon to which oxygen has been injected. The purpose of injecting oxygen into the carbon is to ensure that the resultant material is durable and is able to withstand the rigors of badminton games. Carbon is a strong material on its own, but does not present the best qualities for a badminton racket until oxygen is added to it. It is also important to take note that there are certain parts of the racket to which oxygen injected carbon titanium is used. Again, the addition of Titanium is done to improve the characteristics of the racket.

Titanium is a light yet malleable metal, and when it is mixed with carbon and oxygen, it creates a strong durable material that makes it ideal for the manufacture of high quality rackets. In fact, since the chemical symbol of Titanium is Ti, the manufacturers thought it might as well be included in the name of the product. The head has what can best be described as the box frame. The reason the head looks this way is to ensure that the racket is stable even when the user takes powerful shots.

It also assists the badminton player to take fine and well-defined shots during the game. The grip of the racket provides great support and is manufactured in such a way that it is breathable. The double rackets are available alongside a protective carry case that helps preserve the integrity of the products. The shuttles too are enclosed so there is little risk of damage as at the point of purchase.

Below are a handful of customer reviews that will try to guide the user so that they are well positioned to make a right choice depending on what their needs are in the game of badminton.

Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 Reviews

Tracey admits to having been impressed by the quick delivery upon purchase of the the 2 x Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 badminton rackets + 3 x shuttles set from Amazon. She adds that the rackets are lightweight and are especially ideal for new beginners. The grip is firm and makes for a comfortable way to play the game. She goes ahead to add that the ‘’String very tight and carry bags of good quality.Very impressed and would highly recommend…’’

Froggie is another Amazon verified purchaser who shares the same thoughts as Tracey. Sha had this to say about the Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 badminton rackets + 3 x shuttles set: ‘’I would recommed this product to anyone looking for a good quality badminton racket, good service and good product…’’ the fact that a user recommends this means that it is possible to vouch for the quality of the product.

George Cheng is another satisfied client who admits to the fact that the rackets are indeed of high quality. He goes ahead to add that the rackets are worth every single cent that is spent on the purchase. George was blown away by the impressive speeds of the rackets, admitting that he is happy there are companies that take pride in providing quality products. To quote him, ‘’It’s good to know that there are still good companies out there that take pride in providing a great service.Thanks all so much!..’’

Big Jessop opted to purchase the set for both him and his partner seeing as the set is available in a pair. Jessop has used the rackets for a couple of years and has nothing but praise for the brand, saying, ‘’… The first thing I noticed was the weight. It’s very light! All my shots were going long while I got used to it!Solid frame construction and taught strings give this racket superior performance to my old racket…’’ Jessop is also of the opinion that this set makes a good option for anyone who is looking to carry out an upgrade of their badminton equipment. He sums it up by saying that this is a great product altogether.


Making a choice of the kind of racket that you want should not be rocket science, and especially with the numerous reviews that are available. The 2 x Browning Oxylite Nano Ti 90 badminton rackets + 3 x shuttles is ideal, both for novices as well as professionals in the field. Get your set today, the brand will not disappoint.

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