Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton Racket Review


Browning company is a company that is well known for its numerous high quality products, and the Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket is one of them. The company manufactures a host of other products including sporting gear (for those who are interested in different sports), fishing gear as well as shooting gear. In fact, if you are interested in more than one of the above listed activities, getting your gear from Browning Company is certainly a good place to start. Look up various stores within your location that stock these products, and allow yourself to get value for your money. The Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket is a must have for anyone who is looking to perfect their performance in the game.

The racket is available in many stores across the world. In case you are wondering why this is a world renowned product, have a look at its features. It has a frameweight of 85 grams making it a lightweight option for users who are concerned about the heaviness of the rackets that they use. What’s more, the balance projected by this specific racket is even, so experienced badminton players get to feel at ease with the racket. The flex is aptly described as medium, certainly contributing to the ease of its use.

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The Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket is made entirely from oxygen injected carbon titanium (the Ti in the name actually denotes Titanium). Carbon titanium is an alloy of beta titanium and various carbon composites whose strength and elasticity match in ratio. What this means is that when the material is bonded, the resulting product will achieve maximum strength at the same amount of strain. What’s more, the combination of the mixture with oxygen results in a strong racket that is also lightweight. The use of this material also means that the racket is durable, a trait that is desirable for many badminton players across the world.

The Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket features a widebody frame, thus ensuring that the player feels the power whenever they play. It is interesting to note that a new technology known as ‘Box Frame’ has been used to design the head of the racket. This ensures that the head is stable even when the player takes a powerful shot. It also has the advantage of creating a crispy shot, making for a great asset in various games.

This system also has what is known as the flex system shaft technology which comes in handy when there is need for power. One of the most desirable traits when it comes to the use of badminton rackets is the availability of a firm grip. This racket has a breathable grip that ensures the player’s comfort. If you are concerned about the safety of the racket, it is great to note that the racket is available with a protective cover. This is provided at the point of purchase.

It is important for clients to note that there are a number of places where the delivery of the racket can be done. This however, is dependent on the location of the client. In addition, it is imperative that buyers check what the return policy of a particular store is in the event that they have to return the product. That said, the Browning Oxylite 85 Badminton racket ranks fairly well in the list of Amazon Bestsellers rank (in the sports and outdoors category). The racket is available at a registered dealers, but there are a number of places where the racket is available at a discount. Who does not want to get a good discount off for such a great deal?

Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Reviews

Reviews are a great tool to use when you need to make a purchase for just about anything. The reviews provided for the Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket are no exception, and can come in handy when selecting what brand of rackets to buy. These reviews present the opinions of users who have purchased and used the particular product, therefore creating a certain degree of accountability.

Gamey7  is a user who thinks this is the perfect racket for the amateur player. Characterized by a fast thrust and consistency during the game, it is ideal for the player who is just starting off in this field. He goes on and says ‘’…great feel and consistency to this racket which is the main thing…’’ he goes on to add that the power of a shot makes it one of the greatest rackets in badminton. This user’s skepticism about the price did pay off when he eventually got the racket and experienced its sheer power. The fact that it did arrive on time made it worthwhile.

Ben S. is of the opinion that while the price is a tad bit on the higher side, the Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket does give value for money. ‘’…The racket has a strong but lightweight body making for fast and powerful play…’’ In fact he goes a step ahead and makes a recommendation for beginners and intermediate players. What’s more the price of the racket is rather friendly. Many stores will charge an extra cost for delivery, but will often see to it that the package arrives as scheduled. It makes for a great racket, both functionally and aesthetically, with this user rating it as a 5/5.


The choice of racket is really dependent on a client’s preferences, as well as the budget at hand. Going through reviews available online is probably the easiest way to determine what the ideal product is. This review of the Browning Oxylite 85 Ti Badminton racket should help you make a sound decision as far as this is concerned. Look out for the specifications as well as the characteristics that set this product apart from others that are available in the market. Remember that these are user reviews, and it is prudent that one carries out sufficient research before settling on the particular model that they are interested in.

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