Browning Nanotec 75 CTi Badminton Racket Review

Browning is a company that is known all over the world for its production of world class quality sporting equipment. Notable in the list of products are badminton rackets that have come to be loved by both professional players as well as those who are just setting out a path in the field. It is said that often, the kind of equipment available will, to a large extent determine the kind of performance that a player puts up, and nowhere is this truer than when you look at the traits of the Browning Nanotec 75 CTi badminton racket.

The racket is constructed from 100% Nano Carbon Titanium. This is, just as the name implies, a combination of carbon and Titanium. When used on their own, these materials present unique challenges that would otherwise lead to a lousy racket. When used in combination, it is possible to tap into the advantages of the materials so as to manufacture a durable piece that ensures the client gets value for their money. Why use Titanium, one may ask. Titanium is preferred for its sharp performance, longevity as well as the fact that it is a very light material. All these are key considerations when looking to design an effective product, which is exactly what the Browning Nanotec 75 CTi badminton racket does. A racket that a player feels comfortable with is a great asset, and we are all too aware what a durable product does for a player.

One pertinent issue however, what is the nanotechnology all about? This certainly is a new term for those who are new to the field of badminton, but simply put, this makes reference to the manufacture of a racket that performs right down to the nano level. To put this in perspective, a particle may be divided into many parts, and a nano- denotes a millionth part of a particle. Now, imagine having performance tuned to this level and you can start to comprehend the sheer power of this racket. With this technology, the manufacturers are well able to decrease the size of the material that is required to create the shaft and ensure its strength. As a result, the rackets tend to have a thinner shaft, thus permitting the player to maneuver the racket as s/he pleases.

A closer look also reveals that the racket has a widebode frame, also designed with the intention of making the racket as powerful as can be. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why many hard-hitting badminton players will settle for the Browning Nanotec 75 CTi badminton racket. In addition to this, the head also features a groove of sorts, aptly referred to as the C-Groove. This groove is included in the racket to make it have stability especially for the user’s torso region. It also serves to widen the sweetspot of the racket so that there is a greater area for the transfer of energy to the shuttlecock. The shaft is also a onepiece that boasts of a carbon handle. Carbon is preferable simply because it is very flexible, and also has a gentle feel to it.

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a badminton racket is the strings. The strings of the Browning Nanotec 75 CTi badminton racket are made from Titanium, and this accounts for the swift response that a user experiences. What’s more, Titanium is also known to be durable, making it a great choice. The grip is a feature that players overlook at times, but which plays a central role to a great performance. For a player to be comfortable, the grip has to be breathable so that it prevents the user from feeling sweaty. Sweaty palms are not a way to win a game…any game. The racket comes available with a great case that ensures it is protected from any potential damage. This case is available on purchase.

Browning Nanotec 75 CTi Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to put the features of any given product. This section of this article gives insight into a few clients’ experience of the same, and also gives a potential client the information needed to make the right choice as at the time of purchase.

David is a user who thinks that this is the best product for badminton from the Browning range of products. He goes on to attest that for its price, this is a great deal which no player should pass. In his words, ‘’The Browning racket I purchased is excellent and what a fantastic price as well…’’

John Pratt shares the same sentiments and presents a concise review saying,’’… Very prompt delivery and well packed as usual… Good value.’’ He does note, however, that the prices seem to increase steadily with time. To counter this, you could opt to shop prior to the actual date of purchase. This way, you can tell when the next bargain offer is.

Mr. Griffiths agrees with the above two users and says that this is an excellent deal for anyone interested in improving their prowess at badminton. He goes ahead to say that the price is ‘fair enough’, but you are all too aware that fair enough differs from one person to another. In addition, the racket comes along with a carry case. Griffiths lists the pros as follows,’’…very light, well strung, good grip. No cons listed.’’

Mr. D thinks that it is wise to list pros and cons arising from his individual experience, rather than from the numerous reviews present in the market. The first thing that he notes is that the price is not as cheap as some would like to think, after all, you would like to get quality products. As a fairly balanced racket, this product is well strung and suitable for players who are accustomed to heavy rackets. Mr. D sums it up well by saying,’’ I will be purchasing another!’’

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