What’s the Best Yonex Badminton Shoes?


Getting the right pair of shoes for the right sport is really important.  You wouldn’t wear golf shoes if you went to play basketball and you surely wouldn’t wear bowling shoes if you were going to play golf.  So playing court sports like Badminton it’s really important that you get a shoe that fits with what you are doing. Yonex Badminton Shoes are certainly right up there with best indoor sports shoes around.   Even the most famous of players of the sport like Lee Chong Wei know how important it is to get the right shoe.

We’ve put together a top ten list of the best shoes that happy customers have picked. These shoes define what the sport is really about they bring together both style and functionality.   Style is important because everyone wants to feel their best no matter what they are doing.  And functionality because there is special support needed for this sport and this comprehensive list of badminton shoes really do cover those special features.

Our Top 10 Yonex Bandminton Shoes

Yonex SHB 86EX Badminton Shoes

  • 20% Lighter than standard materials
  • Breathable Mesh for better airflow around the foot
  • Power Cushion Insole for less foot fatigue
  • Extra Support around the toes and heal
  • More Speed and power with each step

These shoes overall got the best reviews because of their high energy sole and inserts.  They are made from some of the  best lightweight materials which makes them superior in quality over other brands on the market that are still using heavier man made materials.  They have a good lines and look great and feel great on the feet.

Yonex SHB-SC2EX Badminton Shoes

  • Gum Rubber for the sole making it superiorly non-stick
  • Synthetic Materials for extra breathing inside the shoe
  • Extra Arch Support
  • Cushion inserts for extra comfort on the heal and toes
  • Lightweight for better movement

These shoes truly have  the most natural feeling to them as reported by the many happy customers.  They feel as if you aren’t wearing any thing on your feet at all.  While you are playing they cut down on the way your muscles grow tired and sore which means that you can play more games and for longer periods of time.  This means more practice time in to get the cutting edge to your game.


YONEX SHB60U Men’s Court Shoes

  • Low cut style
  • Stylish color pattern
  • Cushion insoles for more power
  • Light weight
  • Feels like custom fit shoes

The votes are in and by far these shoes most profound feature is that they feel like they were custom fit for the individuals foot. This is a great quality in a court shoe and these truly have a good fit and feel.  They have cushion insoles which cradle the toes and heal and offer extra arch support so when you move with quick speed they won’t hinder and give a bit of bounce to your step which means more power.

YONEX SHB01JREX Junior Badminton Shoes, Yellow

  • Brightly Colored to stand out in a crowd
  • Cuts down on sweating and the odor with breathability
  • Comfort and Style in one shoe
  • Long Lasting
  • Play more games because your feet aren’t so tired

This shoe will also cut down on foot fatigue which means that you will find yourself playing more matches than you’ve ever played before.  They are durable and really worth the money that you will spend on them.  They are long lasting and you will never want to go back to your old shoe again.  Even when these wear out they will be the first brand that you will want to pick up again and again.  Stand out and be stylish while playing the sport that you love.

YONEX SHB60LU Ladies Court Shoes

  • Made just for woman
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Breathability
  • Eliminates sore feet and foot fatigue
  • Cradles the feet in air soft cushion

These are just for women and they are amazingly comfortable and strong.  With a nice colour scheme that will match most court gear you will surely be the talk of the courts.  They feel light but powerful as they cradle your feet and help to get rid of the sore muscles that go along with playing the court games that you love.  No other shoe is designed with the feel of air on your toes but that have outmatched power and a nonskid sole.  They really will help you to have better games because you won’t have tired feet and you also will feel like you can push yourself further than you’ve ever gone before.


 SHB-74EX Men’s Yonex Badminton Shoes

  • Bright Bold Colouring
  • Top and Bottom of shoe working together
  • No bunching of fabric on the shoe as you move
  • Lightweight and Dependable
  • Easy to maintain and care for

You will get excellent comfort that will cradle your toes and heals so that your feet feel fresher after you are finished than when you got yourself started.  These shoes are a bright red and white and will stand out on the court so you can really show off your flair for the bold.  These shoes were designed to last for a long time and even when they do wear out you will surely want to pick up another pair of the same kind the very same day.  These shoes are just amazing and will help to keep you from skidding all over the place on any court.  They breathe so that foot odour and sweat is reduced as well.

Yonex SHB SC4LX Ladies Badminton Shoes

  • Beautiful Design
  • Almost Weightless
  • Designed with a woman in mind
  • Helps your feet breathe
  • Extra support for your toes

These shoes are designed with the lightest material that has ever been invented so when you are wearing them you won’t feel like you are wearing anything at all.  Yet inside the shoes they breathe so odour and sweat are almost non existent.  They cradle your toes and the back part of the heal so when you are playing your game it will keep your muscles relaxed and that means that you can play more games than you ever could before.  Finding a good woman’s shoe that has been designed for the sport you love can be hard but once you slip your feet into these shoes you will never want to buy another brand of shoes ever again.

YONEX SHB60U Men’s Court Shoes

  • Stylish and Comfortable
  • Easy to wash and take care of
  • Patented grip sole
  • Breathable and Flexible
  • Helps to make you more powerful in each movement

What is the most important thing to look for in a court shoe?  Is it style? Is it functionality? Is it comfort?  Why sacrifice any of those things when you can get all three in one shoe?  They help your feet to have smooth movements which will cut down on how tired your feet get while you are playing on the court. They are made from breathable materials that cut down on sweat and the smell that goes along with sweat.  They also keep your feet stable at the toes which mean that you can make quick movements stop and go over and over again. These shoes grip the court and will make you a truly formidable foe to your opponent.

YONEX SHBSC4MX Men’s Badminton Shoes

  • Perfect customer rating
  • Affordable
  • Maximize your performance
  • Stable instep
  • Ultimate Cushioning

These shoes are truly superior in the sense that they were made specifically for the sport of badminton itself.  Using the power of science these shoes on the inside fit the foot almost as if they had been moulded by your very own foot.  They have a rounded edge sole that is non skid and will prevent any sort of accidents that would otherwise happen if they didn’t have this Yonex specific style.  They cradle your feet and help to prevent muscle fatigue that can lead to muscle pain and eventually lead you to stop playing because your feet are hurting.  These shoes are hands down the best that money can buy.


Yonex SHB-102LTD Badminton shoes

  • Three layers of cushion inside the shoe
  • Perfectly positioned inserts
  • Made for a woman’s feet
  • Breathes 8 times better than other shoes
  • Brand name support

Support is truly the other half of the coin when it comes to a great court shoe.  These shoes provide a light as air feeling and sensation that can be seen when you’ve played multiple games one after another.  They breathe far better than any other shoe on the market and that’s YONEX badminton shoes and racketsimportant because you want your feet to feel comfortable while you are playing.  This is no ordinary shoe and once you’ve put them on your feet you will be able to tell that you’ve just slid your feet into the last pair of court shoes that you will ever want to buy.  You will never go back to any other ordinary brand after you’ve tried these.

Not all sports are the same so not all shoes are the same.  With this provocative list we’ve put together we ensure that we’ve picked hands down the best of the best.  We did a lot of research when it came to finding out exactly what kinds of shoes worked best for the sport of Badminton and these are it.  It should help to make your shoe buying experience a bit less daunting and you can focus instead on playing the game you love.


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