And The Best Asics Squash Shoes Are?


When you are looking for the right kind of shoe it can be really hard to determine just what kind of shoe you will need for what kind of sport you are playing.  We have tried to take the guess work out of this experience by putting together a comprehensive list that is customer driven.  We took into account all of the positive feedback given for all Asics squash shoes in the court shoe division and then we took the best of the best and put the top 6 shoes on the market today.

These shoes had to encompass the main three factors that make court shoes the best that’s lightweight, functional and stylish.  We wanted to make sure that we didn’t hold anything back while searching for these shoes.  We refused to allow even one aspect to be sub-standard.  Hopefully this takes the guesswork out of you buying your next pair of court shoes.

The Top 6 Asics Shoes to Rocket Your Squash Game

ASICS GEL-SENSEI 4 Indoor Court Shoes

  • Memory Foam Heal For Comfort
  • Rubber Sole for better traction on indoor courts
  • A magic sole that allows your feet to stay cool and dry
  • Superior Gel Support around the heal and toes
  • Reduced shoe weight but with extra rigidity

These shoes have been specifically designed to go above and beyond when it comes to playing long or multiple matches of your favorite court sport.  The inside of this shoe is made from memory foam which is the most innovative material that could have been used.  It molds to fit the very features of your feet so that each and every single time you put them on it’s like putting on a brand new pair of shoes that were molded to fit your very feet. The soles of the shoes were designed to really grip even the slickest court and help you to move the way you need to move to win the games.  They were truly designed to breathe and this means that your feet will stay drier and also the odors that go along with that will be reduced to almost nothing.  The gel design allows you to pivot and move the way that you need to move and that’s really important when you are stopping and moving in quick jerking motions.  This is a trusted name brand shoe which you will never be sorry that you bought them.


  • Best Customer Rating
  • Strong Rubber Sole so they don’t wear out as quick
  • Gel Cushioning inside
  • Long Lasting Material
  • Impact Guidance System to enhance the foots natural movements

They call this the Impact Guidance system which allows the foot to move so naturally within the shoe that it feels as if you are wearing absolutely no shoes at all.  They are made from very lightweight synthetic material and truly feel light on your feet.  This is really important because when you are playing court sports you do not want to feel as if you’ve got weights on your feet.  That feeling of heavy on the feet would impact your playing and also impact the muscles in your feet.  If you were wearing a heavy shoe that wasn’t designed for the type of movements that are required for court sports your feet would grow very tired and the muscles would become sore. This would prevent you from playing full or multiple games like you’d like to play for yourself.  The soles are durable and also are coated on the outsole so that no matter how much you wear them it will prevent you from truly wearing them out

ASICS GEL-ROCKET Indoor Court Shoes

  • Innovative Sole that grips the courts serface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduced Impact so your feet don’t get sore
  • Affordable
  • Fantastic customer ratings

If you want a cutting edge shoe then look no further. You will have an edge that your opponent will never see coming and that is really important when it comes to court sports. The friction that is usually felt with most court shoes has been almost totally eliminated in this style where the upper and lower part of the shoes work together in unison and take the rubbing of the feet away and allow your feet to move the way they were designed to move naturally.  There is a gel cushion inside that will take away the tension on the bottom of the feet close to the toes and this will reduce how tired your feet become.  You will be able to play for longer and longer times and that means that you will get better at the sport that you are playing because you’ll be able to practice for longer periods of time.  The soles of these shoes are made from a synthetic rubber that really grips the court and allows you to move and pivot and stop quickly making sharp turns without skidding on the slick surface

Asics Men’s Gel Rocket M Court Trainer

  • Very supportive
  • Helps keep foot fatigue down
  • Stays drier
  • Doesn’t hinder movements at all
  • Feels like a custom fit
  • . They form fit to your feet and the contours of them.  They feel light as air and they support the ankles and feet in the best way that shoes can.  The material that is designed around these shoes breathes very well and this cuts down on the sweat that could make your feet slick on the inside causing accidents.  These shoe truly are hands down the best shoe that you could find that aren’t just designed to look great even though they do truly, they were designed to really fit you well and to grip the court that you are playing on.  The sole grips the court and allows you to move as fast as you want to move.  It allows you to turn and pivot so that you can truly have the best games of your life. So that you can train for the best games of your life.  These shoes will be the last shoe that you will have to find in this style and you will never want to go back to any other brand ever again.


ASICS GEL-BLAST 4 Indoor Court Shoes

  • Gel for both toes and heel
  • Comfortable lacing that won’t irritate the top of the foot
  • Made from lightweight materials inside and out
  • 3 layers of memory foam around the heel as well for extra support
  • Wet grip rubber specifically designed for slick courts

The soft and secure feeling of gel that surrounds your feet and makes them feel comfortable and secure at the same time.  The laces are built to move with the natural posture of the movement of your feet which prevents chafing and irritation later on down the road when you’ve worn them and played in them for a long period of time.  The beautiful shoes are stunningly simple and really bold in their colour.  They are made out of all natural and synthetic materials that allow for maximum air flow inside the shoe itself.  This cuts down on the sweat that could potentially make your feet slide inside the shoes unnaturally.  It also cuts down on the odors that are associated with foot sweat.  Inside of the shoe aside from the gel around the heal is memory foam in a few layers which allows for the most comfort around the most used area of the feet.  This means that there is extra comfort but also extra support which allows you to actually move the way you want to move making sharp turns and quick starts and stops while playing any court sport.

ASICS GEL-ROCKET Indoor Court Shoes

  • Mid-Level Shoe
  • Strong and powerful materials
  • Long lasting design
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Very easy to care for
  • These black and red bold additions are hands down some of the most true court designed shoes that have ever been on the market.  These are truly high-tech in their design with the upper and lower parts of the shoes that flow together and really make walking, running and jumping fun again.  There is absolutely no bunching of the materials that make for sore spots on the feet.  The materials that they are made from truly allow for freedom of movements and also help to prevent muscle strain that is associated with court sports.  It comes with gel around the toes and balls of the feet which add extra support and comfort while doing any sort of court sport that you can imagine doing.  The outer material breaths and allows for maximum airflow around the feet so that you can prevent odor and slippage inside the shoes that can cause accidents on the court while you are playing.  You will want to play more and more games because your feet don’t feel as tired as they normally would with a regular or sub-standard made shoe.  This shoe was really designed for court sports and for the training that goes along with the sports themselves.  The sole of the shoe is designed to trip the floor and to ensure maximum safety at all times.



As some people will tell you if this is your first time buying court shoes it can seem really overwhelming because there seems to be hundreds of shoes all claiming to be the best on the market.  The fact is that we took our time here and we really are dedicated to helping you find the perfect shoe for you.  We hope that this helps you feel more comfortable in your decision making and that knowing other people just like you feel confident and secure with their choices.  We hope that this really helps you too.


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