What Badminton Clothing Do You Need?


Does it matter what Badminton Clothing you wear?

The answer is probably yes!

Badminton is a very high paced sport that requires both power and speed to really be good at it.  When it comes to the equipment of the sport there are some wonderful products and then there are some overpriced articles that claim to offer an edge but is nothing more than a place to sink your cash.  With that said it’s really important that you have the best in clothing and equipment and that’s because the better the quality of the product the longer it’s going to last and that means you’re getting the best value for your money.

The first thing you should look at is your own personal style.  You want to buy clothing and accessories that reflect your personality and fashion sense.  Do not buy things that aren’t comfortable to you because it will simply make it so you don’t want to wear it then you’ve just wasted your money on things that didn’t work out.  So know your personal style and get things that reflect that style.

Movement and freedom of movement are the two most important things in the sport and that’s because this is no doubt one of the quickest court sports there is.  You will want to ensure that you are able to move without being hindered under your arms, at the elbows, hips and knees. With your badminton clothing  you will want to make sure that you’ve got everything loose but comfortable so that nothing gets in the way of your game.

Mini Badminton Clothing Breakdown

  • ShirtsThey have on the market shirts that are specifically designed for Badminton players that are really expensive but good quality.  The problem with them is that they are usually designed with polyester which isn’t very breathable and that can be a problem while playing.  Players tend to get very sweaty and it’s really important that the material that you use can truly breathe.  Most professional players will agree that having simple cotton shirts will actually do better than anything else.  They are inexpensive and that means no matter how sweaty you get on the court they are affordable enough to have many spares for the just in case.
  • ShortsShorts are important because they will need to be fitted but loose enough that they do not hinder the quick movements that are needed for the game.  Mid-level thigh is about the perfect cut for them and they need to be fitted but loose at the same time.  This means when you are moving quickly around the court you can really stop on a dime and pivot and go the other direction without being worried about your shorts either digging into your skin because they are too tight or falling off because they are too loose.
  • SkirtMost women in the game have taken to wearing skirts instead of shorts while they are playing the sport and they are something called “Skorts” meaning they have shorts under and a skirt over the top.  It might seem cumbersome but in truth it’s very comfortable and fashionable for any woman who wants to look her best on the court while she is playing.  They offer the same support and flair that the shorts do and are really the pick of women all over the world.
  • SocksIt seems a bit strange to talk about this here but socks are really important as well.  You will want to buy pairs that are made to breathe.  That have a good support and that are thick enough to really cradle the foot inside of the court shoes but also be thin and light enough that you don’t think about them at all while you are playing.  They even sell socks that have wetness protection and even socks that have odour control as well which can be really handy if you are getting dressed and undressed in locker rooms along with your peers.
  • SweatbandsThis might seem a bit outdated but even in this day and age people still sweat and it can run from their wrists to their hands and make the grip on their racket bad.  It can run from their foreheads into their eyes where it stings and cuts off vision for a few seconds.  Sweatbands are an important part of the outfit and really do help and are functional.  They are very inexpensive and can be bought at any store that sells badminton equipment.
  • Women’s ShirtsThere is a very distinct style difference in the women’s clothing and the men’s clothing for badminton.  You wouldn’t want to walk out onto a court wearing women’s clothing if you were a man and if you were a woman you wouldn’t want to come out wearing men’s clothing either.  So they have a very specific style to the shirts and shorts which allow for gender specific movements and gender specific styles that feel just right for each person.

The Right Style of clothing for you

Now that you know the difference in badminton clothing it’s time to talk about brands.  As mentioned before name brand clothing can carry a very heavy price tag.  You’re paying for a name which is about it. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best.  With those types of people who do not do anything but name brand because they trust that the clothing or accessories will last the longest. Nothing wrong with that at all but truth be told for those people who aren’t so interested in the brand but how good a product feels or how well it works on the court there are plenty of options with a smaller price tag that work just as well.

When you put on the clothing for a match or for a game sometimes having the right thing on can actually put you into the mind set to play harder or to do better.  This might sound silly to someone who has never played sports but a uniform can really make a difference in game play and motivation to actually play their hardest.  In reality no clothing is going to make you play better but when you feel good that will help you play your best.

Finding the Right Fit

It might be a bit intimidating trying to find the right clothing that fits well and is the style that you want to get.  Don’t be intimidated though because honestly a good fit and style is out there waiting for you.  There are many ways that you can find your perfect fit and the best way to do that is by taking measurements of yourself.  You take measurements of your waist and hips to find the right fit around the middle.  You can take measurements of your thighs and from the apex of your thighs to your knee.

For a good shirt you will want to take measurements of your shoulders and chest and across the back.  You can also take measurements of your upper arms as well.  When you have all this information there are charts that you can find which will allow you to figure out the right size for the measurements that you’ve taken.  This will help you find the best features in clothing and then allow you to find your perfect style and give your confidence a boost.  When you feel good about yourself you will have that bit of an edge to play harder and better.


Finding the right kind of badminton clothing will surely help to make you feel better about yourself and also will help your game as a whole.  Badminton clothing is specifically designed to help you move freely and also will help to keep the sweat away from your body so you do not become distracted  by anything other than your opponent.  Truth be told there is no equipment no matter what the cost that will make you a better player.  You need to put in the work and actually learn to hone your craft but having the right equipment will really make your time learning and working much easier. see also Find the right shuttlecock

Badminton is a really wonderful sport and it is truly something that once you play just a single time you will want to play over and over again. Having the right clothing will help you to truly have that edge to get more games in and to feel good about yourself and your own style.  Showing off your style and really express your own flair will also get you noticed on the courts. Your hard work and dedication will really pay off and having a good edge by showing off just how wonderful you feel and how well you move on the courts will truly be hands down the best for you in the

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