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How I Got Started With Badminton

There are some things in life that you have an interest and passion for before you even give it a try. You know you can take one look at a sport, a book, a band or anything and just get a feeling that it is perfect for you. That is a great feeling and there are few things in life as thrilling or as pleasing when you get an instant feel for something and you are proved right.

Of course, there are also plenty of times when you are presented with something and you are just not sure about it. However, as long as you give it a go, you may find that you like it and before too long, it becomes one of your favourite things. This is a different feeling and sensation from finding something you love from the start but no matter how you get into your past-times or hobbies, as long as you love it, does it really matter?

When it comes to badminton, I definitely fall into the latter camp. Growing up, I was a big football fan and player, and this was always going to be the case. My dad was a huge football fan and as soon as I could walk, I could kick. I could also shout and cheer on for my team so there has always been football in life. This meant reading, watching, talking about it and of course, playing the game. Sadly, I was never that good but it takes all sorts of players to make up a football team and I used to play for as long as I could, whenever I could.

You need a different type of sport as you get older

As you get older, you meet other people, your tastes change and your ability to use your spare time wisely changes. I never fell out of love with football; it just became harder to arrange the time to play or to commit to playing in a team or with the same friends every week. With work, home life and girlfriends all becoming a major part of my life, a d the life of my mates, arranging time to properly play football was becoming harder but there was a need to stay fit. There was also a need to keep that competitive edge in life.

This was before going to the gym was such an integral part of life for everyday folk. I was starting to get frustrated at not being able to keep up my fitness levels when one of my friends said that him and his girlfriend had been playing badminton and if my partner at the time and me wanted to join them. At first, it was more of a social aspect, and I always made sure there was a drink after the game, but it was good to be engaging in proper sporting activity again.

Of course, the first times you play it is all about fun and taking part but after a few games, that competitive streak comes to the fore. This meant I started to play more seriously and I was looking to improve my game. This meant you would end up playing other people and your social circle within the badminton collective at the local sports hall grew bigger and wider.

I was playing badminton all the time

Before I knew it, I was really committed to playing badminton and it was something that my girlfriend and my mates could enjoy as well. When it comes to finding a sport you can get away with playing, that’s all you need and that was how my love affair with badminton blossomed. Obviously I take the sport seriously now but I still like to keep in mind that it is a fun game, no matter the discipline.

It was through a friend, boasting about the cardio workout he was receiving, that I tried squash and I loved it. It was faster, had more tempo and there was skill involved too. I still love badminton, and it remains my first choice to play, but there is no doubt that winning a squash game gives me immense pride!

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